About Mäele

Mäele (pronounced: Máel) is french, meaning having high goals and ideals, desiring the finer things in life. A true Mäele is friendly, likable, and very artistic. Our main inspiration comes from Paris, France. 

After three years of preparation behind the scenes, Mäele finally launched their first collection in November 2019. The founder of the brand is Eirín Kristiansen, also known as a Scandinavian content creator and bestselling author of several Career and Self-Improvement books. The brand is true to Eirín's personal style.

"Mäele is all about what I like and love, not about what’s trending. I’ve always had an eye for details and I think that's what makes the outfit. Even the most simple pieces will stand out with the right elements.

When I wake up in the morning I dress depending on my mood. Some days I feel bold and cool, other days I feel classy and elegant. And that's what Mäele is all about; being true to how you feel, who you are - and dress like it. I've always been inspired by Parisians when it comes to style and fashion. Most importantly, how they so effortlessly pull off any outfit with a tone of confidence. It's all about finding the right balance between looking dressed up and laid-back, and my inspiration for Paris is (and always will be) a part of Mäele's DNA.

My wish is to make every Mäele girl feeling comfortable and good about herself as soon as she enters our world. The secret behind great style is to feel good in what you wear. Clothes aren't going to change the world, the women who wear them will. And we might as well look très chic while doing it!"


We believe transparency is important. Through a Swedish product development company we work with a manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. Our agent lived in Shenzhen studying mandarin for years herself, and made a strong relationship with the manufacturer and the industry. She still travels to visit our manufacturer on a regular basis, and it is important to us that all of our products are made under good conditions. Our manufacturer is WCA-certified (Workplace Conditions Assessment)

WCA addresses the following and more:

  • Labor (Child/Forced Labor, Discrimination, Discipline, Harassment/Abuse, Freedom of  Association, Labor Contracts)
  • Wages and Hours (Wages and Benefits; Working Hours)
  • Health and Safety (General Work Facility, Emergency Preparedness, Occupational Injury, Machine Safety, Safety Hazards, Chemical and Hazardous Material, Dormitory and Canteen)
  • Management Systems (Documentation and Records, Worker Feedback and Participation, Audits and Corrective Action Process)
  • Environment (Legal Compliance, Environmental Management Systems, Waste and Air Emissions)  

WCA benefits our business by enabling:

  •  Improved work conditions for a more content, healthier and productive workforce
  •  Better decision-making support based on real-time data and knowledge management
  •  Good corporate governance and ‘preferred supplier’ status for implementing a program that is in full accordance with industry best practices
  •  Improved confidence in partnerships with suppliers through greater transparency and trust
  •  Reduction in excessive auditing and duplication (“audit fatigue”)
  • Suppliers to showcase progress with a ‘Record of Achievement’ Award

    We are a cruelty free brand, and will always choose high quality PU-leather and faux fur over real leather and fur. We only offer animal-friendly clothing.